AOCDS Benefits

Customer Service Contact Information

The AOCDS Benefits Department is available at 714-285-9900 to help with any insurance concerns or questions members and their families may have.

If you prefer to contact the carriers directly, please find the customer service telephone numbers, group numbers, and web addresses for each plan.


AOCDS Benefits Office

Heather Schaub               714-285-9900
Patty Arroyo-Martinez       714-285-9900


Brown Insurance Services – Broker & Administrators

Denis Ernandes – Sales & Renewals       714-460-7744
Diana Leiter- Benefits Administration      714-460-7744



Plan                                                                              Group Number                                     Phone Number         Website

Anthem HMO (California Care)                                          59L8HJ                                               800-227-3771 

Anthem Value HMO                                                          57ANAA                                              800-227-3771 

Anthem PPO                                                                    1858PA                                               800-288-2539 

Anthem Blue Card PPO/Anthem HD PPO/Fee-for Service      10880J/1817WK/1817WB-1817WD       800-288-2539  

Kaiser Permanente HMO                                                   106906                                               800-464-4000 



Plan                                       Group Number            Phone Number         Website

Ameritas PPO                          350654                      800-487-5553 

Delta Care HMO                       00050-0001               800-422-4234 



Plan                                        Group Number           Phone Number         Website

Vision Service Plan (VSP)          1287901                    800-877-7195