AOCDS Benefits

Eligibility and Enrollment

Eligible Members

You may enroll in our benefits program if you are a regular, full-time, job-share or probationary employee in a classification represented by AOCDS.  Your benefit eligibility begins on the first of the month after date of hire.


Eligible Dependents

When you become eligible for benefits, you may also enroll your eligible dependents. Generally eligible dependents include:

- Your legal spouse or domestic partner

- Your children up to age 26

Children may be natural, adopted, children who the member or spouse/domestic partner has been appointed the legal guardian, step-children, or domestic partner's children.

- Children beyond age 26, who were enrolled before reaching age 26, with proof of ongoing disability


When Coverage Begins

You will be eligible for medical, dental, and vision benefits on the first of the month after date of hire.


Changes in Benefit Elections

During open enrollment you will have the opportunity to change your elections for the following plan year.

You may:

Add or change plans

Add or delete dependents from coverage

You may make some changes during the year due to a qualified status change. You must notify the AOCDS Benefits Office within 30 days of the qualified status change.


Qualified Status Changes Include:

- Birth or adoption of a child. If a child is not enrolled within 30 days of birth or date of adoption, the child CANNOT be enrolled until the next open enrollment period.

- Change in domestic partnership status, member's legal marital status, including marriage, death of spouse, divorce, legal separation, or annulment

- Termination or starting of employment by the membe, spouse/domestic partner, or dependent

- A reduction or increase in the hours of employment by the member, spouse/domestic partner, or dependent

- An event that causes the member's dependent to meet or no longer meet the requirements for coverage due to attainment of age or any similar circumstances as provided in the health plan in which the member participates

- In certain circumstances, a change in the place of residence or work of the member

Please note that proof of the qualified status change will be required along with a completed change form. This proof can be submitted in person, by fax to 714-285-2807, or emailed to


When Coverage Ends

Coverage ends for the member and dependents on the last day of the month in which you leave employment.

Children are covered until the end of the month in the month they reach age 26.

Coverage ends for dependents on the last day of the month in which they are no longer considered eligible for AOCDS coverage. (Examples: Divorce is final on May 15, your ex-spouse is no longer eligible for coverage effective June 1. Dependent child reaches maximum age limit on April 15, your child is no longer effective May 1.)

Most covered members and qualified dependents can be permitted to continue coverage at their own expense after losing benefit eligibility as providded by COBRA federal law.

You must notify the AOCDS Benefits Office within 30 days of any dependent status changes.