AOCDS Benefits

Optional Individual Insurance Benefits - AOCDS MEMBERS ONLY

AOCDS is also happy to offer optional individual insurance benefits to its members.

These benefits, which include Colonial Life Insurance, payroll deduction life insurance and auto and home insurance through California Casualty, are available to AOCDS MEMBERS ONLY. Should you have any questions regarding your eligibility to purchase these additional insurances, please contact the AOCDS benefits office at 714-285-9900.                                                                                                                                                                                     

Colonial Life Voluntary Benefits - In order to better protect you and your family, AOCDS offers four voluntary benefit plans from Colonial Life:

Accident - Covers you and your family ON and OFF duty, and pays for injuries such as dislocations and separation, fractures and broken bones, burns and lacerations, emergency dental work, eye injuries and more. Benefits include $125 payment for emergency room visits, $50 for initial physicians' office visit (up to 3 visits per accident), $200 ambulance, $1,000 hospital admission, $225 per day hospital confinement including intensive care, and payment for follow-up care. There is no limit to the number of accidents one can claim. $50 annual wellness per insured and $200 annual mammogram benefit.

Cancer - Pays you directly and over and above what major medical pays for hospitalization, daily treatments, anti-nausea meds, stem cell treatments, experimental treatments, surgical procedures and more. Pays you a wellness benefit every year of up to $420.

Critical Illness - Considered "Living Life Insurance." It pays you a lump sum benefit ($5,000 to $75,000) in the event of a heart attack, stroke, major organ transplant, end stage renal failure or coronary artery bypass surgery. Pays you an annual wellness benefit of up to $320.

Hospital Confinement - Pays you a lump sum of $1,000 whenever you are confined to a hospital so you know you'll have the resources to help cover your major medical deductible and/or co-pays.