AOCDS Benefits

Medicare ONLY - No Supplemental AOCDS Coverage

Medicare Only is a County-approved plan. This means if you enroll in Medicare alone without additional AOCDS coverage, you are still eligible for your retiree medical grant. With proof of your Medicare coverage, retirees and their spouses, if married, can be reimbursed the monthly premium for Medicare B up to their available grant amount.

All eligible retirees and enrolled dependents who are age 65 or older must be enrolled in Medicare coverage Part B in order to be eligible for the Retiree Medical Insurance Grant. Additionally, all eligible retirees and dependents who are eligible for Medicare Coverage Part A without a premium must be enrolled in Medicare coverage Part A to be eligible to receive the Retiree Medical Insurance Grant.

If you are 65 and not currently enrolled in Medicare coverage Part B, you may enroll during Medicare's open enrollment period (January, February and March) of each year, with an effective coverage date of July 1, for the same year enrolled. For more information, visit the Medicare wesite at

If you will turn 65 in the upcoming year, please contact Medicare at 1-800-MEDICARE three months prior to your 65th birthday to enroll in Medicare. You must be enrolled in Medicare when you turn 65 years of age to continue receiving your monthly Retiree Medical Insurance Grant without interruption.

Eligible members currently receiving a Retirement Medical Insurance Grant who are not enrolled in Medicare Part B at age 65 shall become ineligible to receive a grant and their grant will be suspended until such time as they are enrolled and receiving Medicare coverage Part B.

Reduction of Grant Allowance: Please note that for eligible employees who reach age 65 after October 12, 2007, a 50% reduction of the grant allowance will occur the first day of the month the retiree becomes eligible for Medicare Part A (without paying a premium) and Medicare Part B.

Medicare D: AOCDS retirees and dependents are not required to participate in Medicare Part D (prescriptions) since a prescription drug plan is provided through our Anthem and Kaiser medical plans.

Please contact the AOCDS benefits office at 714-285-9900 as soon as you know you are eligible for Medicare as you will need to provide proof of your coverage.