AOCDS Benefits

Orange County Employees Retirement System

The role of the Orange County Employees Retirement System (OCERS) is to provide secure retirement and disability benefits, quality information concerning those benefits, and prompt, professional and courteous service that meets the highest standards of excellence. In carrying out that role, the Board of Retirement and staff are committed to act for the exclusive benefit of the plan and its participants, manage assets of the plan prudently, and administer benefits with impartiality.

Please vist the OCERS website at for information about your retirement benefits. Your Summary Plan Description (SPD) can be found on the OCERS website at which will tell you you what your retirement benefits are, when they begin, and how their timing and distribution differ depending on various events in your life.

You can also call the OCERS retirement speciallists listed below with specific questions about your OCERS retirement.

Sheriff’s Department – Angel Bronsgeest (714) 569-4878

District Attorney (DA) – Shawna Treat (714) 558-6213


OCERS is located at 2223 East Wellington Ave. Ste 100, Santa Ana, CA 92701

Business Hours:

Monday-Thursday   0800-1700

Friday       0800-1630


Phone: (714) 558-6200

Toll free within CA (888) 570-6277

Fax:      (714) 558-6234