Article published on May 21, 2015

Deputy Roger Hilton handily won his re-election as the elected Safety Member on the OCERS Board of Retirement. We couldn’t have done it without your support.
Our pensions are one of the most important benefits we earn while serving the residents of Orange County. We have worked tirelessly to protect your retirement – but the fight is not over. There are countless special interest groups who would love nothing more than to take your hard-earned retirement from you and your family. Deputy Roger Hilton has spent the last 27 years fighting for your rights as a leader in law enforcement labor associations. And he’s not done fighting. Deputy Roger Hilton will continue to use his experience and knowledge to fight for your pension.
He has spent the last three years serving as the elected Safety Member of the OCERS Board of Retirement aggressively protecting your pension and upholding your rights in disability retirement hearings. He is your voice and the voice of all AOCDS and Safety members on the OCERS Board of Retirement.
Please join me in congratulating Deputy Roger Hilton on his re-election to the OCERS Board of Retirement.
Thank you.

Tom Dominguez

AOCDS President