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AOCDS Political Action Committee

The AOCDS Political Action Committee (PAC) is responsible for reviewing and evaluating political candidates and ballot initiatives/measures in order to preserve the quality law enforcement taxpayers have come to expect and deserve.

The PAC is comprised of AOCDS members with a variety of assignments and experiences in the Orange County Sheriff's Department and the Orange County District Attorney's Bureau of Investigation. The six members of the AOCDS Board of Directors also sit on the AOCDS PAC.

We endorse candidates and initiatives, as well as provide monetary support to those campaigns we believe will enhance public safety and further our efforts to protect the communities we serve.

We have said it many times, but it has never been more important: Your vote is your voice, and there are those who want to silence it. Don't let others make decisions for you.

Be informed and vote.

If you have questions regarding the AOCDS Political Action Committee, email

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