Media Update: Hero of the Night: Sgt. Scott Baker

NBC LA’s Hero of the Night was OCSD Sgt. and AOCDS Sergeant-at-Arms Scott Baker.

Sgt. Baker was at a birthday party last October for one of the players on his sons’ baseball team. The 10-year-old boy had just gotten out of the pool when he accidentally touched an exposed wire and was being electrocuted. Sgt. Baker knocked the boy away from the wire, stopping the electrocution, but shocking himself. He was able to recover and do CPR until additional first responders arrived. The boy was in a coma for a week, but woke up and fully recovered. He’s now back out on the baseball field. Congratulations Sgt. Baker for continuing to make a difference on and off-duty. The men and women of the Association of Orange County Deputy Sheriffs are proud of you!

See the video HERE

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