Tim Schmidt began his law enforcement career in 1991 as a police officer with the Tustin Police Department working as a patrol officer and special investigator in its Special Investigation Unit. In 1994, he lateralled to the Anaheim Police Department and worked there until he retired in 2018. Throughout the course of Tim’s career, he worked a variety of assignments, including Field Training Officer, gang investigator, detective, patrol sergeant and special events sergeant before being promoted to lieutenant as a watch commander and bureau commander. As bureau commander, Tim oversaw both the Crimes Person and Crimes Property Bureaus, in which he supervised the gang enforcement team, crime task force, burglary, economic crimes, forensics, property and evidence, robbery and homicide units.

In addition, Tim served on the Major Incident Response Team (MIRT), which was responsible for investigating all Officer Involved Shootings and major use of force cases. Tim spent nearly 10 years on the City’s Emergency Management Team, which included operational experience in several urban fires, civil unrest, presidential protests and major sporting events, such as the World Series, MLB playoffs and NHL Stanley Cup series.

Tim became the Public Information Officer for both the Anaheim Police Department and Anaheim Fire Department. He eventually became the West District Commander leading the citywide response to the homeless epidemic by expanding the Homeless Outreach Team (HOT) and coordinating with the District Attorney’s Office to expand the Orange County Gang Reduction and Intervention Partnership (GRIP) into 16 Anaheim schools while further developing the Safe Schools program for all 72 schools.

While at Anaheim Police Department, Tim spent three years serving on the Political Action Committee (PAC) for the Anaheim Police Association. He also served six years on the Board of Directors for the Anaheim Police Management Association, acting both as President and Vice President. Tim led two contract negotiation teams and guided its members through a vote of no confidence, along with an executive management change.

Tim is a lifetime Orange County resident and is honored to work with the members of the finest law enforcement agency in Orange County, while also supporting the leadership of AOCDS.

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