Sergeant Richard Oates was appointed to the AOCDS Board of Directors as Secretary in March of 2020. Sergeant Oates has been an involved member of AOCDS since becoming an AOCDS representative in 2007. He became an AOCDS Political Action Committee (PAC) member in 2018 and joined the AOCDS Negotiations Team in 2019.

Sergeant Oates has been with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department since 2002. He began his law enforcement career at the Intake Release Center (IRC) and has since been assigned to the Regional Traffic Bureau, Central Men’s Jail (CMJ), South Operations in Rancho Santa Margarita, North Operations/Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) and more. Oates continues to be an explorer advisor, a member of the DUI Task Force and a Field Training Officer (FTO). He is an active instructor as well and has been specifically trained as a Terrorism Liaison Officer (TLO) and Traffic Collision Reconstructionist. As if he wasn’t busy enough, Oates also acts as an assistant instructor at Rancho Santiago College.

Sergeant Richard Oates is honored to serve the members of AOCDS.

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