Member Advisement: OIR

Office of Independent Review – Update
AOCDS attended an ad hoc committee meeting on the Office of Independent Review last Monday and the Board of Supervisors meeting the following day to reiterate our position that any changes made to the current OIR model, including expanding the OIR to the District Attorney’s Office, is a mandatory subject of bargaining.
The creation of the OIR in 2008 included a meet and confer process between the County, AOCDS and several other employee bargaining units.
In a split 3-2 decision last Tuesday, the Board of Supervisors voted to direct staff to prepare language to expand the OIR to other departments with law enforcement functions, including the District Attorney’s Office and Probation. Chairman of the Board Todd Spitzer, Vice Chair Lisa Bartlett and Supervisor Andrew Do voted in favor. Supervisors Michelle Steel and Shawn Nelson voted against.
We are waiting for a formal response from County Counsel to our letter asserting our belief that any changes mandates meet and confer.
We will keep you informed of any updates.

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