Tonight’s “Dateline” Episode

Tonight on NBC’s “Dateline,” correspondent Keith Morrison reports on the 2010 murder of San Juan Capistrano businessman, Chris Smith. Edward Shin, Smith’s then business partner, was convicted of first-degree murder one week ago today. Shin, who sent emails to Smith’s family and friends pretending to be the 33-year-old after he was already dead, was found guilty of special-circumstances murder for financial gain.

AOCDS members from the Orange County Sheriff’s Department and District Attorney’s Office investigated this case. The success of this conviction is largely due to the massive team effort of OCSD, OCDA and the crime lab. This “Dateline” episode shines a positive light on Orange County law enforcement and certain AOCDS members who were deeply involved in this complicated case.

Click HERE to watch the episode preview.

The two-hour episode entitled “In a Lonely Place” airs tonight, Friday, December 14th, at 9 p.m./8 central.

Please join me in congratulating your fellow AOCDS members and other colleagues for a job well done.

Edward Shin, now 40, is set to be sentenced on February 1, 2019. He faces life in prison without parole.

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